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Following the events of Pokémon 2000 The Movie, Melody realised the importance and beauty of her island and its history. She takes a large interest in meteorology and oceanography, although she’s no idea what to do with herself now she’s 18 and has left education. She certainly doesn’t want to leave the Orange Islands.

Melody has a love for water-type Pokémon despite the fact she’s never expressed enthusiasm about training or any other Pokémon-related vocations. She changes her mind when Howie, a young Pokémon breeder, arrives on the island. Howie gives Melody her first Pokémon in the form of an Egg.


Howie is a few years older than Melody (nobody’s quite sure how many). He arrives and sets up his breeding/daycare centre overnight on Shamouti Island, much to the discomfort of the islanders. However, he fast establishes himself as a trusted member of the community.

Although it is part of Howie’s job to move Melody off Shamouti and keep her away, he becomes jealous of Melody’s interactions with the male Orange Crew members. Howie is evidently troubled by these thoughts, and a pair of Team Rocket agents – Cisco and Liran – pick up on something fishy about his behaviour.

Howie’s Pokémon team includes Poochyena, Sharpedo and Crobat. He originates from Lilycove City, Hoenn.


Cisco is a Team Rocket agent originating from Olivine City, Johto. She likes to dress and style her hair in a way that makes her gender-ambiguous. However, her legal name – Millie – gives this away. Cisco is the technical side of her joint venture with Liran, her best friend. She chose her nickname for her technical interests.

Cisco’s Pokémon team is comprised of Umbreon, Aipom, Luxio, Mismagius (a candidate for breeding with Liran’s terrifying Gengar), and a Clefable called Derek.


Originating from Celadon City in Kanto, Liran was obsessed with “delta series” trading cards as a child. He now works alongside Cisco, modifying TMs for use on any Pokémon they desire. He is the creative side of the scheme and develops the movepools.

Liran’s (heavily modified) Pokémon are Espeon, Togetic, a Gengar named Lt. Wang (his pride and joy), and a Clefairy called Doreen who is in love with Cisco’s Clefable, Derek. Liran doesn’t like Howie very much.