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Transport in the Orange Islands

Transport between islands is normally taken by floatplane (for further inter-island trips), ferry (for medium distance trips or those with road vehicles) or seabus (a much smaller, open-air boat for short passenger trips between islands). Long distance cruise ships, airships or standard passenger aircraft are available from larger islands to the mainland.

People in the Orange Islands will generally learn to sail, and own, a boat rather than (or before) a car. Inhabited islands generally have a small local bus service run by the islanders. Many more bus services operate in the summer months for tourists.

Some larger islands feature the Archipelago Light Rail Transit System – an unmanned street car or tram service – operating under the more friendly name of ALR. For instance, Shamouti Island has an ALR service operating along the coastline of the island, most notably along its main street around the harbour. Tickets and passes on the ALR are transferable between islands, but are not valid on any other kind of transport. It is also separate from the light rail transit systems in mainland Kanto and Johto.

Mail and consumer goods are generally transported around the archipelago in whichever passenger transport mode is appropriate for the distance. Valencia Island is the main postal hub, though localised post offices will generally hold on to local mail for more economical delivery. Mail and goods to and from the mainland of Kanto, Johto, or further away provinces are usually carried by aircraft to and from Valencia Island.