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Navel Island

Navel Island (Japanese: ネーブル島 Navel Island) is located in the eastern region of the Orange Archipelago. It is a large island, that is mostly a tall, large mountain. The mountain is so tall, that when apporaching the island, it goes past the clouds.

At the foot of the mountain, there is a small, quiet village. One can usually find the Gym Leader Danny windsurfing at the beach there.

Places of interest

Navel Gym

A little to the left of town, the challenger will meet a large gate that leads to the Navel Gym. Its a large gate with a painting of a Poké Ball. Inside the gates is a path leading up the large mountain and a cable car to go up there.

There is a sign at the bottom of the hill saying “Welcome all Pokémon Trainers. All Navel Gym challengers must climb to the top of the mountain. Trainers must reach the top on their own. Pokémon may not provide help. Anyone using a Pokémon will be disqualified. Those accompanying the trainer should use the cable car.”

Eventually, the path turns into a steep mountain that the Trainer has to climb. About three quarters up, it begins to snow and the temperature drops because of the altitude. A cabin at the top marks the end of the mountain, where the real test will begin.

The first round is seeing who can freeze a geyser the fastest with Ice-type attacks. There are two, one for the challenger, and one for the Gym Leader.

The second round is sculpting an ice sled from the frozen geyser using only 3 Pokémon. The design is given on a sign in front of the two ice geysers.

And finally, the third round is a race to see who can get to the bottom of the mountain on their sled first. At the top is a start line, and on the beach below is a goal line. The challenger and Gym Leader are allowed to use 3 Pokémon to help them steer. The one to win best 2 out of 3 or all three wins the Sea Ruby Badge.

It takes its name from the common genus of orange.